Summer Already?

Today was spring gardener’s bliss and I got sun burnt on the back of my neck!  There was so much to plant on such a sunny day. My husband, Brian, and I planted 3 of the roundy gardens – one with strawberry plants, one with bright lights chard, wild rocket, mixed radish and lettuce, and one with romanesco fennel, kohl rabi and spring onion.  I also put some of the same fennel in the tunnel for a little competitve spirit with the row outside.  Hopefully this will hurry them both up.  In preparation for the other three roundy gardens I started some seed indoors – red russian kale and summer sprouting brocolli.  The day was spent in the glorious outdoors and I have left most of my energy there. zzzzz

And these guys are waiting to go into the border garden.  A kitchen can go through a fair amount of fresh chives, so a large supply is needed.  I also want them for their pretty flower.   These were split from established plants in my mother’s garden.  They can take over – “thugs” as my father warns me.


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  1. Posted by Brian on April 10, 2010 at 11:25 pm

    Yea it’s hard work….love the strawberries.


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