Hot news from the glasshouse!

The worlds hottest chilli has decided to surface – when I planted these few seeds around the 1st April, I placed the pot in a clear ziplock bag (known as propagator) to promote very warm conditions for germination.  The shoot is barely visible, but the ‘chilli pyramid’ variety is a little further along as you can see.  Chervil is a herb I haven’t grown before – I believe it’s biennial, often grown annually.  I’m looking forward to having a supply in the garden.  Also doing well on the seed bench are mint, oregano, marjoram, coriander and sweet pea flowers.  I haven’t included photos of all of these.  Coriander is something I’ll be sowing every week or two in order to ensure a steady supply – they tend to bolt and get stalky early.


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  1. Posted by Kate on April 23, 2010 at 8:46 am

    Hello there, yes I’m having problems with my coriander…very stalky indeed and its falling over and so they are all getting intertangled with each other. Does not make my thinning job any easier. But I’m using the thinnings stalk and all as a first taste of my herbs! I’m throwing them in everywhere…really where coriander does not belong but I’m so excited about using it!


    • Hi Kate, so exciting that your coriander has come up! Try not to worry – your coriander problems are shared by all herb gardeners. I suggest you try a tasty coriander pesto in your pestle & mortar. Grind up some garlic, peanuts/cashew nuts coriander, chilli and olive oil for a delicious sandwich filler, pasta drizzler or over Asian noodles. I share your excitement about using coriander! Have a good weekend. xs


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