Plants deserve names

I was in a bit of a rush yesterday, but today I spent time getting to know the new plants.  And here there are:

Border Garden:

Begonias, 3 lavanders (stoechan ‘papillon’, blue star and……), catmint, archers gold thyme, saxifraga, iris, dill, variegated sage, verbena peruviana.  I’m such a novice and know I need to be a bit more specific on varieties.  One step at a time.  There is still no sign of the nasturtium, poppies or sorrel, but there should be some good colour later on this year.

The Sensory Garden:

Salvia Argentea is the name on the really soft blanket plant but it really doesn’t look like the picture, so I’ll have to investigate further.  I also put in a curry plant, which has a lovely mild, fragrant aroma of curry.  Bergamot is something I’ve been looking for since using a gorgeous Bergamot & Lemon scented lotion from the Burren Perfumery –  There’s still plenty of space so any ideas welcome!

I also received some seeds I’ve been waiting for today.  They came from the Herb Garden – – in Dublin.  I’ll put them in the next couple of days. They are Borage, sweet rocket (apparantly has lovely flowers), more sorrel, and bronze fennel.

I’m heading off on a very exciting, mystery culinary weekend!  Ciao!


One response to this post.

  1. Posted by Ruth on April 26, 2010 at 7:52 pm

    Sounds gorgeous! A sensory garden is such a good idea.


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