How to fertilise a permanent bed

I’m learning as I go along here, so I thought I would share this very useful organic gardening method with you!

  • Start with a bed and a barrowful of manure – this is lovely farmyard manure from the cows.  Good, decomposed maure if called for here – be careful to eliminate any extra dry hay or straw as it will rob nitrogen from the soil while decomposing and deprive the plants you’re trying to grow.  Popular tools for this job are a spade and fork, but work away with what you’ve got.

A barrowful of manure for the bed

  • Next dig a trench about 1/2 foot or 15cm deep, wide as you like.  Reserve the soil from the first trench (you’ll use it to fill the last one!)

Dig a trench

  • Fill the trench with a layer of your lovely, smelly, nutritious manure.   Thank you cows.

Layer with manure

  • Dig a trench the same size directly next to the first one and use this soil to cover the layer of manure.  Continue this process until you reach the end of the bed and fill the last trench with the soil from the first.

    cover and continue digging!


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