Drying Oregano & Marjoram

It seems that oregano and marjoram will retain some level of flavour by drying.  These vigorous plants I have in a bath outside my kitchen were crying out to be preserved.  As glorious as the weather is now, my thawing out body remembers well the 6 months of winter misery we’ve just temporarily left behind!  This over-supply of herbs needs to be managed!!

Golden Oregano (left) & Pot marjoram (right) ready for harvest

So I set about clipping them off fairly close to the base, but leaving good foliage for further growth.  I probably shouldn’t have washed them, but the marjoram seemed to have lots of aphids.  I then left it on clean tea-towels overnight to eliminate any moisture that might cause molding later on.

Marjoram drying off

The next move uncovers an undesirable trait, but must reveal it to ensure it doesn’t happen to you!  I was so eager to see results, I distributed the oregano between a few baking trays and placed them in the oven at the lowest setting.  I had been told, and read that oven drying should be a last resort!  My impatience is not a useful trait in the kitchen – or the garden!  The aroma of burnt oregano leaves will not enhance your home.

oven burnt oregano

So, next day with a bit more zen head I strung up bunches of marjoram.  These need to be covered in individual paper bags and left somewhere warm and dry until the leaves are fully dry.  Any moisture will cause mold.  Can’t wait to see what happens – shouldn’t be too long, maybe week or 2.

Marjoram string


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  1. I too have resorted to feeding slugs bait. We have had an unusually wet Spring and the slugs and snails are reproducing faster than I can kill them off.
    I am enjoying reading your blog.


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