Slugs love……

The slugs are playing havoc outdoors in the Circle of Life gardens.  There’s plenty of hiding places among the surrounding stones.  Here’s a couple of things the slugs love at the moment:

A munched chinese cabbage

A munched dwarf bean

A munched fennel leaf

A munched lettuce

So what do we do about this invasion?  When I was young and in need of small quantities of money for sweets and the like, my mother would pay me 2p per slug.  Off I’d head with an old ice-cream carton and a tissue at dusk to catch them red handed.  I’m in need of less time-consuming methods these days.  Beer slops in a can/container buried into the bed, but flush with the soil can tempt a few.  Crushed egg shells around the border is supposed to prevent them getting at your beloved plants.

We’ve introduced the slightly more sinister, but approved by organic standards, slug pellets.  Harmless to other creatures – the poor slugs munch on a couple and head off to their hiding places to die.  They contain ferric phosphate (name – Ferramol Slug Pellets – and are best sprinkled around vulnerable plants in the evening.  Sorry slugs, we need to eat greens too!


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  1. Hi Sarah

    Just came accross your blog for the first time. Very interesting and informative. Fair play to you. Keep up the good work.



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