First Courgette!!

We’re a little behind on the courgettes here – a late frost got some of our plants in early May but once they start there’s no stopping them!  This guy is the first to appear in the tunnel.  The outside plants are in, but will need more time.

First Courgette

Lots of seasonal cook books suggest stuffing the courgette blossom and I’m looking forward for the opportunity to do this – I really don’t see any other way of obtaining the blossoms around here other than growing them, stuffing them and then stuffing yourself.  I’ll let you know how the tasting goes!


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  1. This looks gorgeous–thanks for posting the picture. First time at your blog, and I am enjoying your posts! I garden in Southwest Washington state, and am busy planting vegetables out in my beds as well.

    I am interested in your use of the tunnel, and would like to see more details about how it is put together–do you have this in an earlier post?



    • Hi Thank you for your message! The poly-tunnel comes in and out of posts – especially in the last couple of months, but I can put up some photos of it in the next couple of days. We use it to have an early crop of veggies from March-June before any outdoor stuff is ready. And at the moment we’re clearing those crops, manuring and filling it with more sun-worshipping plants like sweetcorn, tomatoes, chillis, sweet peppers, aubergines, cucumbers that don’t grow very well outdoors here in Ireland.
      What’s the climate like there?


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