Strokestown House – Gardens & Kitchen

Yesterday I took a little trip with 4 fabulous women to visit another fabulous woman – Siobhan Greene who’s cooking down in the cafe in Strokestown House, Roscommon.  Myself, my mother, The San Francisco Rose and 2 friends enjoyed lunch (where much of the veg / salad / soft fruit is coming from the gardens) and a tour of the house and gardens.  Strokestown house was originally built in the 1600s and was owner-occupied until 1982.  The current owner came across old documents from the famine in the house and subsequently set up an Irish Famine museum next to the house.  A day could be spent here between the house, gardens, museum and yummy cafe.  Yesterday we enjoyed cabbage, kohl rabi, spinach soup, blackcurrent jelly & cordial – all from within the walled garden!  We even sampled a fresh, fuzzy peach from the glass house, spectacular!

Strokestown Peach

Fresh Turnip & Chef

White Raspberry

Water Lillies

Apple tree training up the wall


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