Spiral of Life: Garden Update

I cornered the head gardener today to hold the ladder for me while I took some pictures from the roof of the shed.  Looking at the garden from this angle was a very beautiful thing – no reminders of all the work you need to do, just a lovely green view.  I should have organised a pot of tea for a garden-roof tea-party. Anyway enough of all that garden-gazing.  Here are the pics – First up a before (March 2010) and after-shot.  As you can see we’ve added a gazebo, apple trees and plenty of green.

Ariel View March 2010

Ariel View 22July2010

I love this chamomile/thyme path designed by Eric leading to the tunnel.

Tunnel Path

The mangetout twins are looking a bit worse for wear above, but they’ve nearly had it at this stage.

And who’s this guy lurking around?

Shady Character!

The sunflowers are out on Sunflower Organic Farm.  The first flowers and strongest plants are those that self-seeded last year.

Sunflowers 17th July 2010

The poppies are transient.  Despite my best efforts to grow poppies, this one self-seeded and none of mine came up!

Poppy 17th July

Veggies in abundance at the moment – courgettes, beets, cabbage, onions, broccoli, fennel, kohl rabi, kale, lettuce, baby carrots

Veggies coming on soon – green beans, broad beans, parsnips, turnips, squashes, garlic, tomatoes (tunnel)


2 responses to this post.

  1. Your garden is awesome! The sunflower and the poppy are so gorgeous on the photos. I love the way you organized and designs your garden.


  2. Thank you! Designed by a local landscaper Eric Humburg.


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