Hello Blog: Next Season Please

Hello blog, hello hello.  I’ve missed you.  Today I’m showing how bad I’ve been in the garden.  I can trace this disastrous behaviour back to my cooking camps for kids – I began neglecting my garden and subsequently blog at this point and neither have fully recovered.  In late July / early August we were at the pinnacle of supply from all sides of the garden and doing our best to use them in old and new ways.  Now I find myself on the cusp of Autumn and there’s really no stopping the seasons, is there?  I headed out to pick some blackberries last Sunday on a visit to my brother, knowing how good their laneway was – and found them all mushy.  I was too late!  Being very blackberry-greedy I worry as I’ve only got a few pounds in the freezer and it’s been one of the best years for those luxurious, free berries.   Next year I’m going to be more organised…..

Mostly, plants in the spiral of life gardens are going to seed and the place needs a bit of tlc from me!  However, the head gardener is enjoying sitting among the white butterflies on a sunny day.

I took this photo last week.  As you can see in front of him there are onions pulled and out to dry on the beds.  These have now moved to the drying area in the shed on a handy old wire bed frame.

So where the onions were taken from now has a planting of green manure – in this case oats, which will be dug back in next Spring to replace nitrogen, nutrients etc.  I questioned the head gardener – he has oat seed and it’s relatively inexpensive compared to other green manures – clover would be best.


Blackberries out of reach



Head Gardener among Brassicas



Onions Drying on a old spring bed frame


And finally an update of my messy charge – the spiral of life gardens:

Anyone – Should I have my strawberry runners detached from mother plants by now?


3 responses to this post.

  1. Posted by vickscakes on September 16, 2010 at 7:31 pm

    Hi Sarah, luv your blog,i missed blackberry picking aswell, was away when they were at their best 😦 but mum did make me some blackberry jam – yummy. I’m going to try to go in search of mushrooms this wkend!! Garden looks great, wow you have so many onions, you’ll hav to make french onion soup for those rainy autumn evenings. vick x


  2. No luck with the mushroom hunting, oh will hav to check out that recipe by Richard Corrigan, sounds yum. x


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