The fruits of my Neglect

I was recently reminded by reading ‘my world’ on this very blog that I was been entrusted with the upkeep of these beautiful Spiral of Life Gardens.  As mentioned I’ve been somewhat neglectful.  The year has sort of spiraled out of control taking a few twists along the way.  But I’m learning.  When I count up all the things I’ve learned about growing vegetables this year it adds up to a lot.  Some of this things include side-shooting tomatoes, growing loads of herbs from scratch, drying marjoram and oregano, getting chillis in earlier, growing dwarf beans and plenty more.  The gardener must be patient – one must wait for the following year to put our learning into practice again.  A cook is not always so patient!  But she’s learning too.

So I pulled out some of those plants that I’ve been watching going to seed and fading away pitifully.  The dwarf beans are now out and the bed is nearly ready for green manure.  Those courgettes are still fruiting – but will be gone when the first frost comes.

Out with the Beans

This fennel root was fairly established and took a good tug to get out.  They are overgrown romanesco fennel.

Rogue Fennel Route

Fruits of my Neglect

Behind the barrow you can see where the head gardener has been sowing a late turnip in between the other crops.  They’ve got a bit of space now – slugs were going mad there so I threw in a few pellets – organic approved of course!!

This is what the head gardener gets up to while we’re not looking:

Cosy Shed

He’s got quite the eye.


2 responses to this post.

  1. Haven’t checked in on you in ages, so I loved catching up today. Everything looks great and I’m really enjoying following your efforts!


  2. Thanks! My efforts are poor but you get the picture. Thanks for reading xs


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