Seared Fillet Beef – Carpaccio

Have I mentioned that our happy heifers/bullocks provide  us with amazing beef every now and then?  We don’t take advantage and eat an awful lot of it but when we do the quality is superb. Grass fed animals have a healthier fat profile than intensively reared, grain fed animals and the texture and taste is infinitely superior. This time we tried to use as much of the animal as possible, so rendered down a lot of the fat, roasted and made rich, beefy stock with the bones (perfect for french onion soup!) and for the first time I cooked beef kidney.

The recipe I’m posting here is actually using the most expensive cut on the animal and it was something I’ve been waiting to try for years and wanted a big piece of fresh, free-range, happy, organic fillet.  So when the order came in from the butcher I took out my old Jamie Oliver cookbook (The Return of the Naked Chef) and turned to the page where he illustrates crusting and searing a piece of fillet for carpaccio of beef.  I invited the whole family to my kitchen to eat it with crusty bread, olive oil and baby beet salad.

The crust has:

fresh rosemary finely chopped

coriander seeds, grinded

sea salt

black pepper

I mixed the whole lot together and sprinkled it on a clean board and rolled the fillet in it just before searing it all over in a hot pan for approximately 5 minutes.

Fillet Searing

As you can see my piece of fillet isn’t huge, but it did fill 10 people for starters (including 4 large men).  A lot of the fillet had been included in T-bone steaks.  I then sliced it up as thin as my little hands and sharp knife could manage.  Jamie has some interesting options for toppings but I just wanted to taste the meat so drizzled it with really good Sicilian olive oil, sprinkled with sea salt, black pepper and freshly chopped parsley.

Some people who aren’t so mad about rare beef did try it…..and liked it!

Carpaccio Slicing

Carpaccio Roscommon Fillet Beef


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