Mexican Cuisine Class

Last weekend Hugo from Cafe Azteca came down and delivered his brilliant introduction to Mexican cuisine.  This was the real thing as everyone found out – most guacamole is not real guacamole and so on.  Here’s the menu on my new pink chalkboard door in the new dining room (thank you Michelle for colour scheme –


So ‘pico de gallo’ is your basic salsa – tomato, onion, garlic, coriander, lime juice, salt.  The many uses for these few ingredients amount to lots of dishes. Adaptations are always good news for the busy cook.  Hugo also brought with him various dried chillis and explained them and their heat value. We made beautiful dark red, cooked salsas by just varying the dried chilli with the above ingredients for pico de gallo (minus lime juice).

Hugo making salsa

One of the best things about this class for me is making tortillas from scratch. When I look at the back of supermarket ‘tortillas’ I’m scared by the list of ingredients because Hugo’s recipe is just corn masa flour and water.  The flour is not the easiest to come by and sold by Hugo (Cafe Azteca, Lord Edward St., Dublin).  The flavour is very earthy and real compared to what we’re used to.  This corn is naturally gluten-free so good for coeliacs if you can ensure an uncontaminated variety.  With the homemade tortillas we made quesedillas and sopes.  Eaten with chicken, melted emmental (we used Kelly’s Moonshine Organic swiss-style cheese from Mullingar and it was gorgeous!) as well as a mushroom/courgette mix for the veggies and washed down with Corona.  For a non-alcoholic drink Hugo suggested a flavoured water – so I whizzed up a whole pineapple (peeled, cored & diced) with 4 tbsp sugar and diluted to drinking consistency with water.  It was delicious and very Mexican I’m told!

We were then treated to a tune on the Irish whistle by our guest chef.

A little entertainment from the chef

So looking forward to the next level for more insight into real Mexican cuisine.

On a health note this type of food is seriously healthy – the salsas are full of fresh veg and require no oil and still burst with flavour.  Avacados contain monounsaturated fats – one of the healthiest around and brilliant for your heart.  This brings me to my next class on Saturday 5th Feb which is ‘Love Your Heart Cooking’ where I promise to hand over fabulous recipes that are good for you too.



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