20 Mile Cookalong: Lambs Liver, Chard, Creamy mustard, New Potatoes!

Hello!  My first cookalong and very excited.  I cooked something I wouldn’t often do for myself, though would probably order when out.  It collects some of my favourite seasonals around here – lovely young chard from our garden, freshly dug baby potatoes, and best of all Roscommon grass-fed lamb’s liver from Castlemine Farm.  Roscommon produce a lot of lamb and celebrate this fact every May bank holiday weekend at the Roscommon Lamb Festival (www.roscommonlambfestival.com).  I made some lambs liver pate that weekend for a couple of events – wasn’t sure if it would be too strong but have to say it went down a treat served alongside carmelised red onions.

I fed my two hefty brothers this lunch today.  We were remembering eating liver as children and loving it.  Developing a young taste for liver helps I think as it really has quite a distinct flavour and texture.  Lambs liver has almost 4 times the amount of iron as a lamb chop and is high in certain vitamins particularly Vitamin A and some B vitamins.  When presenting for consumption it demands a couple of additions to cut through the richness in texture and flavour.  I chose a creamy wholegrain mustard sauce, wilted chard and crispy streaky bacon bits.

Castlemine Farm (www.castleminefarm.ie) have a shop in Roscommon town and also sell in Galway and Moycullen markets.  The meat comes from animals reared at their nearby farm in Four-mile-house, Roscommon.

Lunch for Two:

2 * 3oz liver slices (2.5cm/1″ thick)

2 steaky bacon rashers

6 baby potatoes (home-grown)

6 good sized leaves swiss chard (home-grown)

3 tbsp creme fraiche (Glenisk – just over 20 miles)

1 heaped tsp wholegrain mustard (Lakeshore – East coast)

1 level tsp soft brown sugar (def not)

salt & pepper

butter for cooking

To start:

  • Put the new/baby potatoes on to boil.
  • Chop 2 streaky bacon rashers in 1-2 cm dice and fry in a small amount of butter until crispy.  Remove from the pan with a slotted spoon, reserving the oil for frying the liver.
  • Wash the chard and chop it finely.  Heat a small knob of butter in a large frying pan and cook the chard with a pinch of salt & pepper for 1-2 minutes over a medium heat.  Set aside until ready.
Cook the liver:
  • Heat the pan the bacon was cooked in over a medium heat.  Season the liver on both sides with sea salt and black pepper.  Fry the liver slices for between 3-5 minutes on either side, depending on how pink or cooked you’d like it to be.
To make the sauce:
  • Remove the liver when cooked and keep warm for a couple of minutes (it should be nicely carmelised on both sides). Drain off any excess fat.  Add the creme fraiche to the pan, along with the mustard, and sugar.  Heat through and help any lovely crispy bits loosen from the pan.  Taste – does it need any seasoning?
To serve:
  • Reheat the chard if necessary.  Sit the liver on a bed of lovely green chard.  Add some just boiled potatoes to the plate.  Scatter a few bacon pieces and drizzle some mustard sauce around the plate.

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  1. Posted by minervasgardenwriter on June 22, 2011 at 12:01 am

    This sounds very tasty, and hearty. Thank you for stopping by my blog today–it is appreciated!


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