Supper Club: Vegetarian Special

Odhran (supper club chef friend and co-cook & -founder) and I have had a few requests to run a vegetarian supper club evening.  So the date has been set for Sunday 4th September and we’re setting out the rough menu here.  A 7-course vegetarian menu for all you veggie lovers. Rather than feeling restricted, we’ve really had to struggle over what makes it to the menu. See, we’ve chosen early September for a reason – the selection of produce is pretty amazing and everything is going to taste just as it should.

We’ve also christened our dining experience here – now called ‘The Hidden Leek Supper Club’.  In the next couple of weeks The Hidden Leek will be out on it’s own blog/site….

If you’d like to experience careful, imaginative cooking of purely local and seasonal ingredients, in an intimate dining room with fellow happy eaters then get in touch!  

The Hidden Leek Supper Club

 Menu 4th September 2011 @ 5.30pm


Complimentary Aperetif



Tomato bisque, stuffed cherry tomatoes, basil 

Dillisk crepes, sea vegetable mousse, puy lentil dressing 

Beetroot tasting plate

Damson sorbet, pink pepper sherbert 

Seasonal ‘stew’ stuffed cabbage, polenta chips 

Goats milk yoghurt pannacotta, toffee apple, balsamic & apple syrup 

Chocolate torte & sorbet, honeycomb, coffee sauce, elderberry fritters

Vegetarian cheese plate 


To Book Call: 0879439446 or 0857747319

or email

Roast Beetroot

And a recipe for you…….recently I was cooking dinner for a family gathering.  I wanted to cook everything together in the oven to keep it simple.  This beetroot turned out just lovely – a low temperature oven about 16oC.

Take a good, large piece of tin foil and spread it out flat.  Pile some fresh marjoram in the middle and sprinkle with sea salt and black pepper.  Leave 1 inch of stalk at the top of the beetroot (medium size – 1 per person).  Scrub the beets carefully without removing the root or stalk.  Place the beets on top of the herb.  Wrap the tin foil up well, trying your best to seal the package fully.  Place the package on a tray and pop into the oven for 2 hours.  20-30 minutes before serving open up the package and allow to cook open in the oven.  I serve these whole, without even peeling the beets – the eaters can work it out for themselves.  The earthy flavour and taste is just so……beetroot!



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