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Friend of Fennel

A few days ago I snapped this angelic looking butterfly/moth looking very graceful and at home among the fronds of fennel in the tunnel.  It stayed for hours.

Has anyone any idea what it’s called??

The fennel race is decided

So without much surprise I’m calling in the results on the fennel.  I’ve been using the thinnings from the romanesco fennel in the tunnel – thinly slicing the bulb and sweating in a little butter or olive oil and quickly wilting chard or chinese cabbage with them, a little salt and pepper and they’re ready to eat.  The chinese cabbage is also working a treat in stir-fry!  Before I had a chance to keep them in check the slugs seem to have enjoyed the fennel outdoors before we did.

Fennel Remains - slugs got there first!

But some did survive to tell the tale:

Fennel Outdoors

And the victorious, well-protected, molly-coddled, spoon-fed tunnel fennel:

Fennel Tunnel

The Secret Life of Romanesco Fennel

On other fennel news, I put in some bronze fennel seeds a number of weeks ago and they are doing very well.  This is a decorative fennel, bronze of frond that can be used for herb and later seed saved for the spice rack.

The fennel competition

Some time ago I planted fennel seed directly into one of my circle gardens outside, and on the same day put some into a free spot in the tunnel.  At this stage of the race, with little surprise the tunnel fennel is ahead.