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I was never much for growing flowers – but the longer I spend in the garden and in wilder nature, the more I can’t help noticing them.  There’s loads of wild flowers in the hedgerows at the moment, which I’m hoping to snap before it’s too late. However, I do have some flowers in the garden that didn’t take a whole lot of input from me.  With all the attention vegetables demand, it seems like one or the other.  I’m quickly changing my mind.  I’m all for edible flowers that will brighten up a salad or add a folky garnish to a simple dish – e.g. nasturtium, chive, borage.

All these flowers below are bringing lots of life to the garden – bumbling bumble bees and butterflies.

This borage plant started off from seed in a container and looked terribly innocent altogether.  It’s now taken over most of the bed I put it into.  The bigger it got, however, the less sturdy it became and did fall over during a windy night.  It survived ok though.  Verdict:  I will plant this again next year.

Borage Flower: Edible

Bergamot & Friend: Not sure if edible - the flower I mean!

Sweet Sweet Pea

Butterfly bush

The butterfly bush are everywhere at the moment – very unassuming until they produce these drooping trunks of colour in July and August.  This one is jutting out from a small garden hut.

Red Nasturtium


Open Iris

I was working away last Sunday in my office (reluctantly!) and at 2pm the iris flower was closed – by my 5pm break this is what it looked like: