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So much happening!

With the Roscommon Lamb Festival and lots of work in the last couple of weeks I’ve seriously been neglecting my blog.  The garden was completely spruced up for a kitchen garden walk as part of the festival events last Thursday 29th April.  Things have changed dramatically with rain and warmth.  The tunnel is completely alive and bursting with strawberries, beetroot, carrots, and onions.  The herbs are taking off, promising enough for my kitchen endevours as the season progresses.  I’ve set the schedule for cookery courses here next to the garden (check them out on my website and cannot wait to pick from the garden and cook up a storm in the kitchen!

I’m adding just a tiny snapshot of the changes over the last week.  I’m back to blogging now so will add more regular updates. With so much happening at this time of year, a complete picture requires a visit!


Plants deserve names

I was in a bit of a rush yesterday, but today I spent time getting to know the new plants.  And here there are:

Border Garden:

Begonias, 3 lavanders (stoechan ‘papillon’, blue star and……), catmint, archers gold thyme, saxifraga, iris, dill, variegated sage, verbena peruviana.  I’m such a novice and know I need to be a bit more specific on varieties.  One step at a time.  There is still no sign of the nasturtium, poppies or sorrel, but there should be some good colour later on this year.

The Sensory Garden:

Salvia Argentea is the name on the really soft blanket plant but it really doesn’t look like the picture, so I’ll have to investigate further.  I also put in a curry plant, which has a lovely mild, fragrant aroma of curry.  Bergamot is something I’ve been looking for since using a gorgeous Bergamot & Lemon scented lotion from the Burren Perfumery –  There’s still plenty of space so any ideas welcome!

I also received some seeds I’ve been waiting for today.  They came from the Herb Garden – – in Dublin.  I’ll put them in the next couple of days. They are Borage, sweet rocket (apparantly has lovely flowers), more sorrel, and bronze fennel.

I’m heading off on a very exciting, mystery culinary weekend!  Ciao!

New lodgers!

I have been keeping a secret.  Last Monday I went to buy some plants to add to the border and sensory gardens.  I was looking for some edible and fragrant flowering perennials, as well as touchy-feely plants.  Here’s what I put in today.  I will post the relevant names etc. when I get a bit more organised.

Can’t keep up with Spring!

I’ve been sprung and suddenly everything is happening and I feel as if I’ve been asleep, or maybe some of these things just happened over night.  Here’s an example of something I completely missed in the garden at home.  Blossoms blossoming.

Willow Buds