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Lots of seed movement

The frost last night put a few things in danger – luckily nothing much has taken off outside.  At this time of year, the tunnel can really cheer one up!  Things grow…..quickly.  Here’s some fresh pictures from the tunnel – the sunflowers are almost all ready to rear their heads. These are going to be decorative around the garden and hopefully for harvesting some seeds of our own.  The tunnel fennel is definitely winning the race agains the outside fennel so far (healthy competition is good for plants, and the end consumer!).  You can see the fennel seed ready to spring off the top.  I’m hoping we’ll be enjoying the bulbs sliced into many dishes in a few months.  I haven’t grown these before.

I put in a few more seeds – mainly successive stuff like a few lettuces and coriander.

Hot news from the glasshouse!

The worlds hottest chilli has decided to surface – when I planted these few seeds around the 1st April, I placed the pot in a clear ziplock bag (known as propagator) to promote very warm conditions for germination.  The shoot is barely visible, but the ‘chilli pyramid’ variety is a little further along as you can see.  Chervil is a herb I haven’t grown before – I believe it’s biennial, often grown annually.  I’m looking forward to having a supply in the garden.  Also doing well on the seed bench are mint, oregano, marjoram, coriander and sweet pea flowers.  I haven’t included photos of all of these.  Coriander is something I’ll be sowing every week or two in order to ensure a steady supply – they tend to bolt and get stalky early.

More tunnel news

Things are really taking off in the tunnel with all this sun.  I thought the flat-leaf parsley would never germinate but it decided to surface overnight.  Theses carrots are over the worst and getting bigger than the weeds!  And look at the beetroot all grown up!  The root is not ready yet, but the leaves make great salad.  Tonight I’m cooking up something with plant thinnings I pulled so will post the recipe if it turns out tasty.

And just outside, rhubarb is flying up.  Will have to make something with that soon.

Summer Already?

Today was spring gardener’s bliss and I got sun burnt on the back of my neck!  There was so much to plant on such a sunny day. My husband, Brian, and I planted 3 of the roundy gardens – one with strawberry plants, one with bright lights chard, wild rocket, mixed radish and lettuce, and one with romanesco fennel, kohl rabi and spring onion.  I also put some of the same fennel in the tunnel for a little competitve spirit with the row outside.  Hopefully this will hurry them both up.  In preparation for the other three roundy gardens I started some seed indoors – red russian kale and summer sprouting brocolli.  The day was spent in the glorious outdoors and I have left most of my energy there. zzzzz

And these guys are waiting to go into the border garden.  A kitchen can go through a fair amount of fresh chives, so a large supply is needed.  I also want them for their pretty flower.   These were split from established plants in my mother’s garden.  They can take over – “thugs” as my father warns me.

Nurturing Seeds

The heated bench in my mother’s glasshouse is the perfect cosy little bed for my seeds – they can wait it out indoors and grow up a little bit until this cold spell passes.  There’s some herbs – mint, marjoram, oregano, as well as some pretty sweet pea.  I’ve two types of chilli heating up also.  One is reputed to be the ‘worlds hottest chilli’ so we’ll have to wait until late summer to discover if that claim is all it promises.  There were just 5 deadly seeds in the packet.   The other is simply called ‘chilli pyramid’ on the packet and look nice and colourful.  Getting ones hands on red hot chillis is not easy in Roscommon so hopefully these will work out.  They will go into the tunnel for some sizzling heat once they come on.

I just recieved some seeds from the organic centre yesterday in the post – mixed radishes,  chinese cabbage, florence fennel and kohl rabi for direct sowing and chervil, which I’ll start inside on the lovely warm bench today.